About Us

This baby Barred Owl was blown out of his nest in a wind storm. We tried very hard but could not locate his nest, so he came back to our facility to be cared for. He was successfully released when he was large enough to care for himself in the wild.

A lot of the babies we take in have simply fallen out of their nest, or have been pushed out by a larger and stronger sibling. This young Bald Eagle was one of them. He was not large enough to care for himself so we cared for him until he was.

We get hundreds of baby birds each year, mostly in the spring. Many of these are various species of song birds. Baby birds are voracious eaters and need to be fed throughout the day, which keeps us very busy feeding all these hungry little mouths!

Many raptors are brought to us after they have been hit by a vehicle. They require emergency care and continuous follow up medical care until they recover. If they can fully recover, then they are released back into the wild when they are strong.

Our 100 foot flight cage provides much needed recovery space for our larger birds, such as Bald and Golden Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, and Vultures. The huge space allows them to re-gain their flying strength while still being fed and cared for.

When we successfully release a wild bird, the joy they feel when they take their first flight is an incredible thing to witness. It leaves us speechless and often in tears as we reflect upon all the hard work it took to get to that joyous moment.

We take in many birds who are injured due to human negligence or human interaction. This Western Gull would never have survived if not for some good Samaritans and our dedicated team of volunteers who finally captured him.

A happy dance to celebrate freedom! Our goal is to rehabilitate and release every single bird we take in. We have an incredible success rate of rescuing, providing proper medical treatment and rehabilitation, and releasing birds.

Our dedicated volunteers help us with daily chores, transporting sick and injured birds, fundraising, educational outreach, building enclosures and so much more! We couldn't do what we do without them! Our annual Owlaween outreach at Wild Birds Unlimited!

SPECIAL THANK YOU!! Thank you to the Veterinary Hospitals who help provide care for our birds for free or at a reduced cost. These Doctors are wonderful caring people who love animals! They are a crucial part of the recovery for many of our birds. A huge shout out goes to Hadlock Veterinary and Olympic Animal Eye Clinic!! Thank you for all you do!

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