Education, Outreach & Public Presentations

Dillon and Gandalf

Meet buddies Dillon and Gandalf. These two bachelors are Great Horned Owls currently in our education programs. They can come to your school, or you can choose to adopt one, or the other, or both! They have been friends for the past 13 years and live together in a flight enclosure at DBWBR. Note that they are very light in color for this type of owl, that is because they both come from the desert southwest!

Gandalf with Monte

This is Gandalf with Monte, one of our dedicated volunteers, at an educational/outreach program. Part of our mission is to engage, inspire and educate the community about birds and issues that affect our wild friends. We are available for outreach educational presentations at your venue or event. Please contact us for more information!

Lauren and Shakespeare

Lauren, one of our rehabilitation and education volunteers and the wonderful host of our latest videos, is holding a young Barred Owl at Kid’s Day at the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market. When we bring the birds to events, we always bring spray bottles of water (you can see them in the background) to mist the birds with if they start getting hot. They actually enjoy the cool spray of water!

Camp Beausite Outreach

The campers at Camp Beausite really look forward to their visits from Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue. They love to ask questions and interact with the birds and handlers.

Camp Beausite Outreach

This is Ruby, our educational Red-Tailed Hawk ambassador, with Joseph at Camp Beausite. We visit them each year, every week in July. Camp Beausite is a summer camp for adults and children with special needs.

Camp Beausite Outreach

We were fortunate to be able to release a rescued Red-Tailed Hawk to the sheer delight of the campers at Camp Beausite. Every summer throughout the month of July, the birds from DBWBR visit the campers and help teach them about these amazing animals that share our world.

North Kitsap High School studens

North Kitsap High School students doing their community service at DBWBR by helping us to build Mews (outdoor flight enclosures for our birds).

Students from Port Townsend

These are wonderful OPEPO elementary students from Port Townsend who came out to volunteer and do community service for the day! We do offer field trips to our facility, which is a great way to learn more about what we do and the birds who live all around us.

Outreach at Conservatory Coastal Home

Our fantastic team of volunteers gather for a picture at Conservatory Coastal Home in Port Townsend after they graciously hosted DBWBR for a fundraising event. Events like this bring in much needed money which helps us to continue to rescue wild birds. If your organization would like to host a fundraiser, please contact us.