What We Do

Gandalf Great Horned Owl

Gandalf is one of our Great Horned Owl educational ambassadors. We provide numerous educational presentations throughout the year.

Bald Eagle release

After rehabilitation we release every bird we can back to the wild! This Bald Eagle was one of our many rescue and release success stories!

orphaned baby Barn Owls

We take in a lot of orphaned baby birds at DBWBR. These baby Barn Owls were adopted and raised by our foster Barn Owl parents. If you have found a baby bird here is WHAT TO DO!

orphaned baby hummingbird

Birds like this baby hummingbird require very specific care. We have years of training and experience and we know the proper ways to care for the many different species of birds we rescue. Please don't try to care for them yourself, call us!

injured Bald Eagle

This Bald Eagle was involved in a fight and had talons through his head both on top and in back, they pierced the roof of his mouth. Another talon went through the lower jaw and came out right above the eye and severely damaged the lid and tissue around the eye. Another talon went into his elbow joint. After a year of intense medical treatment and rehabilitation, he was released back into the wild! The work we do is tireless, and we do it out of love for these birds.

rescued rehabilitated and released Barred Owl

Our rewards for all of our hard work come when we get to see these majestic birds enjoying their freedom once again. What we do takes a lot of time, and money, and we depend upon generous donations to continue our mission. You can help by adopting a bird or making a donation using the Paypal link below. Thank you.

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